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Conveniently connect with your favorite local businesses with the Business Directory! Get directions and make a quick call while on the go!

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Audio/Video Calls

Have one on one Audio/Video conversation! This feature uses webRTC for high quality video chat.

Group Audio/Video Calls

For those more personal or professional conversations, chat face to face with multiple people using the Audio/Video Conference feature.

Audio/Video Broadcast

Capture audiences with the Audio/Video Broadcast feature that lets you engage multiple users instantaneously.

Share Photos / Videos

Share photos and real action videos with your friends and family with a single click.

Receive Files

All types of files can be delivered directly to the palm of your hand virtually anywhere.


Share thoughts and collaborate on projects by drawing on a collaborative whiteboards.

Real-time Translation

Translate conversations in real-time and begin communicating with people from around the world.


Stay connected with whats happening and receive real time announcements.

Broadcast Message

The Broadcast Message feature lets you send text messages to all or selected members just at a push of a button.

Last Seen

Keep track of when friends were last active on a chat window, down to the minute with the Last Seen feature.

Smiley Keyboard

Enjoy a great collection of smileys to express yourself better and keep the fun going.

Block/Unblock Users

Stop a contact from messaging or invading your personal space by blocking them.

The Vica Chat App runs smoothly on all devices to let you stay connected round the clock from absolutely anywhere.


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